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I live in a haunted house.
It is haunted by fear and insecurity.
As I roam the floors, I recall lost confidence, adrift in time, invisible to my eye.
Ghosts and monsters keep it locked away, in a sunless room beyond my reach.
Dreams have long departed, frightened away by startling screams and ghoulish wind.
I rest in thought, as chains sound in the attic, floors creak below, distracting concentration.
Ghostly voices vie for my attention; harsh stillness contains my racing thoughts.

I live in a haunted house.
No one will enter; darkness, fright and thunder protecting my isolation.
I cannot leave, the future is my charge, that which I cannot abandon.
Yet endless twisting hallways separate it from opportune thought.

I live in a haunted house.
It will not harbor hope or sanity.
It is haunted by fears that follow my corporeal being.
Through any move my demons always follow, defying understanding.
My house is under my possession, haunted by my troubled soul.

© Feb 6, 2004 David W Creighton. All rights reserved.

All pages, images and info © Copyright 1997 - 2009 David W Creighton.
All rights reserved.
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