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Sponsor Dexter in the upcoming
Suicide Prevention Community Walk

October 10, 2004, New York

Dexter will be taking part in this year's "Out of the Darkness" community event by walking in Manhattan on October 10, 2004.

You can sponsor Dexter at his Out of the Darkness sponsor page. Remember to choose "New York" as the location on the payment page. The date is coming up fast, so pledge now!

Walks are taking place on different dates all over the country. For more information about walks in your area, visit the website at http://www.outofthedarkness.org or call 800/333-AFSP.

For more information on the AFSP, see their website at http://www.afsp.org/

Show your support for this important cause. Please consider making a donation, participating in a local walk, and learning about depression and suicide and how it effects our lives.

Ask your employer if your company offers a charitable donation matching program.


Understanding Clinical Depression

Clinical depression is a medical illness that results from an imbalance of the natural brain chemicals that regulate thought, mood, and emotion in the human brain. Even if properly diagnosed, people suffering from clinical depression often have a difficult time with friends and family who do not understand that the root of this illness is an abnormal medical condition. A person suffering from depression cannot "cheer themselves up" or "snap out of it," because the chemicals in their brain are not responding to outside stimuli as they would in a healthy individual. The frustration is often complicated by the fact that most people think they can relate to the symptoms of depression, which leads them to offer advice or criticism without really understanding the disease.

I've prepared a short piece that is intended to help anyone who knows someone suffering from clinical depression to understand the disease a little better, and why their struggle can be so difficult in spite of what most people consider to be normal human emotions.

If you are, or think you might be, suffering from depression, this paper may help you ease some of the guilt or frustration that often surrounds this disease, and might also help your friends and family offer better understanding and support. Included are links to more information on depression.

Anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder (manic-depression), and schizophrenia are related to clinical depression, sharing some of the same causes, symptoms and treatments. My hope is that the information included in this paper can help understand the issues surrounding those illnesses as well.

View or download Understanding Clinical Depression, A Guide for Friends and Relatives PDF format, 44Kb

More information and resources concerning depression and mental illness can be found through the links on the left.

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Books on Depression and Mental Illness

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