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We take a detour into the bedroom adjacent to the master bedroom, the bedroom I grew up in as a child. Built in shelves and drawers were fairly elaborate, but didn't really "adapt" when I was no longer a baby. I moved into the bedroom down the hall because it was larger and afforded more privacy. That room had been a "catch all" room since the death of my grandmother, and I spent a lot of effort cleaning it out so it could become my bedroom. My old bedroom immediately became the junk room, commonly referred to as "the other room", as in "Where should I put these boxes?" "Put them in the other room".

The posters on the walls probably went up 30 years ago. The pink and green one on the right reads "cat love" and had a funky sort of pink panther-like drawing.

My dad rigged up some speakers and equipment in this room recently. I'm not sure why, since there is no place to sit and listen (or even to stand and listen). These are NOT representative of his high-end speakers, just some spare boxes he through together to get some sound.

The silver cylinders next to the Santa are large capacitors I brought home from school. On the right is some original "ASCII art" from a computer line printer that one of my dad's friends brought to me from work. There are a few of them still hanging, they must be at least 35 years old. Bear in mind this wasn't even "dot matrix", this is from when computer output came from a teletypewriter fed from pin-feed tractor stacks of paper.

All of the ASCII images are of Snoopy in one pose or another

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