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Adjacent to the guest bathroom is my old bedroom. Yes, I picked the melon color for the walls (it was the 70's, but it served well as a soothing color.)

I pretty much emptied this room when I left, but my dad had no problem filling it up again. The blue box to the right of the file cabinet that holds the TV is one of my dad's best 18" subwoofers, of his design and manufacture. The cabinet exterior was unfinished so the blue is actually a folded and pinned bath towel that I used to dress it up.

There's a tray of cookies on the table, so at least my dad is eating well.

The chest of drawers that used to belong to my grandmother is still there. The light atop is the classic "pump lamp" that I made in woodshop in the 6th grade. Not the finest of workmanship, but the light switch was really operated by the pump handle, which is not the case in other woodshop projects that I've seen.

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