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The living room. The living room itself is rather large, and sunken, with two steps down required to enter. On the far left wall is a large, multisided bow window. The glass is intact, but the window seals are rotted out so wind and weather enter the room regularly.

This is one room that has changed state dramatically since my mom's death. When I was young, this room had hardwood floors and I would play in there regularly. A small inheritance allowed my mom to redecorate at some point in my childhood. Although the room was never finished, it became strictly "off limits" to everyone, in an attempt to keep it from ending up as full of junk as the rest of the house. The plastic remained on the furniture (not plastic slip covers, just the plastic that the furniture shipped in) and on rare occasions we would entertain company, but for the most part the room was never entered other than to adjust the heating or air conditioning' whose controls are located around the corner in the dining room.

Although my dad deals in high end stereo equipment, this room had not a stereo nor TV nor anything in the area of consumer electronics. My mom feared that it would turn into another "test" room and would be quickly littered with junk. I've noticed that my dad has a propensity for not allowing a system to be "finished", it is always being taken apart and altered and left in a state of half-assembly, so I believe my mom was correct on this account.

When my mom died, he almost immediately moved tables and paperwork into these rooms in an effort to "sort" and begin "cleaning up". While I know that part of this is just "moving stuff around to convince people he is trying to change without really ever throwing things out", part of me wonders, if this is supposed to really be a sincere effort to clean the house, why did he wait until after my mom died to get started?

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