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The kitchen table. The "heart" of many households, in ours it is more like the overactive bladder.

The phone is no longer mounted to the wall, but now rests on the table connected by a long (but not long enough to route properly) phone cord. It is important that it have a good, solid connection to the line, so that when it rings, the bell can be heard from beneath the mount of papers and bags that have buried it.

Truly, everything AND the kitchen sink.

Much of the mounted lighting no longer works due to damage to the wiring in the attic, so task lighting is accomplished using the elegant industrial "clamp on" lighting, powered by extension cords crisscrossing across the room.

The house doorbells no longer work for the same reason. Due to roof damage, a family of squirrels lived in our attic for many years. According to my dad, these squirrels have chewed through the wiring of the doorbell and many upper level electrical systems. It does not seem to concern my dad that somewhere in the attic is a dead squirrel sharing the hairstyle of Don King.

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