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Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Click here to go to the Official Star Wars Trilogy website! The Star Wars Official Website at should be the first stop for any major Star Wars fan. The site offers comprehensive news and information on past, present, and future presentations; samples of artwork and technology behind the creation of these films; articles on casting, production, merchandising; and encyclopedic databases of all characters, vehicles, locations, and weapons seen in the films and their offshoots.

If you're a fan, you'll also want to visit The Emperor's Star Wars Message Board for lots of intense Star Wars discussion. There's a great community of friendly people there, and they'll keep you "in touch" with the spirit of Star Wars while we wait for the next film to be released!

Lining Up for Star Wars

Anticipation for Episode I

NYLineup Photos are posted here!

Digital Theater Presentation of Episode I

Months before the opening of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in theaters, people all over the USA (and all over the world) began planning strategies for getting tickets for this premiere event. Many groups organized under the "CountingDown" banner, an organization formed provide news and to coordinate a "camp out" at a local theater to purchase the first tickets available at the box office. Under this plan, fans in California would begin lining up for tickets at Mann's theater in Los Angeles for tickets beginning more than a month before the movie's premiere date. Organized groups across the country followed suit, making arrangements with local theaters and setting up systems where fans would be able to wait in shifts to secure the elusive tickets for the first show on May 19th.

As a die hard Star Wars fan myself, and a regular "first show" enthusiast for Star Wars and other large, important movie openings, I was eager to take part in the "CountingDown" event setting up for the premiere of Episode I in New York City. At, you will find news and info on the resulting NYLineup event for the Ziegfeld Theater in Manhattan, in which I did indeed take part. This event became a major focus of my life for the three weeks prior to the opening of the movie, and I am still in contact with many of the friends I made at the Lineup. We still get together for repeated Episode I viewings and for other movies and events, too. You can "meet" many of them at Scott's Official Star Wars Message Board at (Note: the messageboard is now called The Emperor's Star Wars Message Board, and is currently located at Originally started by Scott to provide an official sort of "town meeting hall" to distribute news and information, and to allow fans to share their enthusiasm concerning the many Episode I "Line Up" events around the country, the board has grown to be a true community of fans and one of the most interesting and friendly destinations to be found on the net. You will find me there under the username of "dexter".

Photos and my personal observations on the NYLineup event are posted here.

Many more pictures of the event can be found by following the "News and Pictures" link at the NYLineup website at And at you can find Bart's photos from his time on the NYLineup. Bart is a resident of the Netherlands who, like so many others, traveled to the United States to join us in line for his chance to see Episode I when it premiered.

For more info on the lines that formed across the USA, visit Participants in major cities all across America held "Lining Up" events where participants gathered to stand in line as early as April to get tickets for the big opening day. Many of the groups, including ours in NYC, collected sponsorships for the line-waiters, with all donations going to the Starlight Children's Foundation benefiting seriously ill children all over the world. Starlight Foundation info can be found at

The CountingDown organization, while still serving as an information site for news on the imminent release of Episode II (due to open in 2002) will no longer be organizing lines for the various openings around the country. Lines following the same format will certainly be organized, however, in many cases by the same individuals who orchestrated them for Episode I. In NY, the original NYLine staff is looking forward to repeating the fun and rewarding experience they "survived" in getting together the line for Episode I. If you live in the New York area, or plan to join the squadron of fans from all over the world who will be coming to New York to see the premiere of Episode II, keep in touch for details by visiting the NYLine website.

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