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Star Wars

For information on the prequel premiers and plans for attending
opening night events in New York City, visit

The Star Wars series of films have always had a large influence in Dexter's life. From the mythology of the saga, to the experience of community that has developed among Star Wars fans young and old, the epic adventures that took place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away have had an outreaching effect on several generations' understanding of human nature, good and evil, and the consequences of our choices.

Although the story and characters exist only as light and shadow projected as onto a reflective screen, they live on in our hearts and minds as reminders that although we are all influenced by outside forces, our destiny is our own.

What's Here:


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In This Section:

  • The Appeal of Star Wars
  • NEW! Episode VI: Return of the Jedi Premiere
  • Star Wars on Home Video
  • The Star Wars Fan Club
  • Star Wars Links
  • Anticipation for Episode I
  • NYLine Photos! (1999 Premiere)
  • Digital Theater Presentation
  • Episode II Premiere Info and Photos (coming soon)
  • Star Wars-The Magic of Myth exhibit at the BMA (coming soon)
  • Info on the premiere of Episode III (coming soon)

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Web Links: Star Wars
  • Fan Clubs
  • Message Boards
  • Fun and Spoofs
  • International Media
  • Fan Photos and Websites
Star Wars Click-and-Tell
  • NY Star Wars events and gatherings
    as seen through the eyes of Dexter

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Shop for: Star Wars Posters

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Click here to go to the Official Star Wars Trilogy website! The Star Wars Official Website at should be the first stop for any major Star Wars fan. The site offers comprehensive news and information on past, present, and future presentations; samples of artwork and technology behind the creation of these films; articles on casting, production, merchandising; and encyclopedic databases of all characters, vehicles, locations, and weapons seen in the films and their offshoots.

If you're a fan, you'll also want to visit The Emperor's Star Wars Message Board for lots of intense Star Wars discussion. There's a great community of friendly people there, and they'll keep you "in touch" with the spirit of Star Wars while we wait for the next film to be released!

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