September 11, 2001

First off it is not my intent to have this as some form of horror show.

Later when I was compiling and sorting though what I had that the irony of it all hit me, that the very camera whose FIRST photos were of the birth and life of my daughter would chronicle the death of thousands.

That hit me as a bit of a blow.

The best approach for me at least is to do this in chronological order, leading into the final batch of pics which is in turn the actual site itself. Hopefully through this indirect method one might be spared the heartache or at least "cushion the blow " so to speak. With each accompanying pic will be a description of what is going on.

Anything with a WTC identifier are pix of the site itself. If you are sensitive to the subject matter, please avoid these pictures.

Anything with a SITE identifier are indirect photos of the cleanup process in the surrounding area and not directly of the site itself. These are intended for those who are curious as to what downtown Manhattan looks like and how we are trying to get back to "normal". Yes I know that is a relative term nowadays, but I want to convey how some of the businesses are getting back up to speed.

All photos were taken late in the day and so some pic were backlit, making them a bit on the dark side. In addition all photos (except the first

All of my pictures were 2048x1536 and were scaled down to something a bit bore bandwidth / browser friendly.

(Note: The webspace-guy resized all of these photos to 600 pixels wide for posting---dexter, the webspace-guy)

If you read the intro, you basically read my account of my day, hopefully with this supplemental material, you will come away with a New Yorker's account of all this.

(Note: MM's personal intro was not included in these pages---dexter, the webspace guy)

The Day of:

This was taken about an hour after the second tower fell.

Since I'm located over the FDR drive all I have here is a pic of the cloud of debris blowing east into Queens. At his point in the day the smell has not hit us yet. This pic was taken by a coworker, why he had a camera at work was beyond me. There was also a pic of em in the foreground but I felt it was best not to include it here.

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