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  Star Wars Links! 

www.starwars.com The Official Star Wars website, created and run by Lucasfilm itself!
www.nyline.org NYLine 2002, the official website of the Episode II premiere line for Manhattan!
(The Emperor's Starwars Message Board)
The Emperor's Star Wars Messageboard is the place where Lineup participants stay in touch for new and upcoming events. It has grown to become one of the friendliest true communities I've found on the internet, with plenty of chatter and gossip among fans, as well as some of the most interesting and intense Star Wars related discussion you'll find anywhere. You will find me under the username of "dexter".
TheForce.Net (better known as TFN) and JediNet are two highly popular fan websites for Star Wars related info.
www.fanforce.net TheForce.Net's Fanforce vision is to provide the place for Star Wars fans across the globe. TFN Fanforce recognizes the 'grassroots' efforts of local fans by offering exclusive services such as forums, free email and up-to-date news and event information.
StarWarsNYC is a Manhattan area fan group, featuring a website and message board for fans in New York and the surrounding area, and fans across the country who are interested in participating in the NY Star Wars fan scene.
www.starlight.org This youth charity dedicated to enhancing the lives of seriously ill children was officially associated with CountingDown Lines all over the country. Line organizers and participants in every CountingDown city gathered donations and recognition for this worth charity.
Photos In addition to the photos posted in my own Star Wars section, photos of the New York Lineup event can be found at NYLine's official website. Other participants who have posted photos on their websites are hyperlinked below.
http://home.iae.nl/users/starcat/pics/nyline/ Bart, who traveled in from the Netherlands to be able to see the premiere in Manhattan has posted his photos here.

(Kris's website is currently not at this URL

Kris, a visitor from the United Kingdom has posted his photos here.

For some fun, Star Wars related fun, try out these links. The "Asciimation" site is particularly amazing, if your browser supports Java... an incredible amount of effort has gone into creating this original artistic tribute to the original Star Wars. Be sure to check out his FAQ section for complete details on how he has accomplished the not-yet-finished homage.

Below are a few "vanity" links relating to my newfound "fame" as a part of the NYLineup. At the present time it seems as if some of these links are no longer available for free.

  • Here is a scan from a page of a Dutch newspaper featuring a photo of the sign I made for the NYLineup.
    (This scan is from Bart's website)
  • Here is a link to the online version of the German magazine Der Spiegel.
    Starting to the right of the 4th picture from the top, you will find my interview, translated into fluent German.
  • And here is my picture in the NY newspaper The Village Voice!

Don't forget to check out the Star Wars info and photos on this website!

Star Wars "Click-and-Tell" Photos

A full list of Dexter's "Click-and-Tell" pages can be found here:

Below is a list of Star Wars related Click-and-Tells:

June 4, 2003:

New York City Segway Owners Gathering-Part 1
The first gathering of New York City Segway owners at Cafe Blue in Dag Hammarskjold Park. 12 Segways and 15 owners meeting for the first time, discussing ways to expand the Segway experience in Manhattan, and cavorting en mass to demonstrate the potential of the future of transportation in crowded cities.
New York City Segway Owners Gathering-Part 2
After the meeting at Cafe Blue, we took a group glide over to Rockefeller Center to the cars on display for Christie's Auto Auction...

November 10, 2001:

Charity Dinner with Peter Mayhew
and Richard LeParmentier
Peter Mayhew and Richard LeParmentier (Chewbacca and Admiral Motti!) were the guests of honor for this event. There was a great turnout, with about $300 raised for the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Many fans came still in costume from the afternoon con.

October 12, 2001:

Charity Dinner with Jeremy Bulloch

The first (of hopefully many!) charity dinners hosted by StarWarsNYC at the Mars2112 restaurant in Manhattan, with Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett!) as the guest of honor. Proceeds go to SWNYC's official charity, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, to help enable seriously ill children to see the Star Wars: The Magic of Myth exhibit when it arrives at the BMA next spring.

July 21st, 2001:

Fanforce Gathering, Brooklyn Museum of Art

The second gathering of NY area fans, this time at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, which will be hosting the Star Wars: The Power of Myth exhibit in April of 2002. In addition to serving as the second fan meeting, there was a discussion with members of the museum staff as to how to maximize our involvement with the exhibit and help the museum to promote the exhibit.

May 19th, 2001:

Fanforce Gathering, anniversary of Episode I

A gathering of NYC area fans celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the release of Episode 1.

May 7th, 2001:

Scott's Message Board member gathering

An informal, international meeting of members of Scott's Starwars Messageboard, which took place in Manhattan on May 7th, 2001.

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All rights reserved.