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 Reference Sites

Good websites for research and information.

Included links:



These free services offer a comprehensive online dictionary and thesaurus, available at your fingertips if you are connected to the web. For a small fee, premium services are also available that will give you spoken pronunciations of words, more definitions, and other features. The free service will cover 99% of most peoples reference needs.

The URBAN dictionary


The URBAN dictionary offers up to date definitions of slang terms from contemporary pop culture. Definitions are submitted by users and voted on for accuracy. If you want to know what bling bling, a hax0r, or 1337 is, this is the website to find your answer. If you need to catch up on your terminology, this site will have the answer in a minizzle, fo' shizzle.



The Mapquest website offers location and driving directions to almost any place with an address. The directions are not always 100% accurate (for example, it can only estimate a street address within a particular block) so it is wise to confirm before travelling, but most of the time Mapquest will get you there reliably.

The Internet Movie Database


The best, most complete source of movie information anywhere can be found at the Internet Movie Database, IMDb. Actors, full credits, production notes, awards, popular quotes, merchandise, and much more on movies, actors, directors, and anyone involved in making movies. Searches for movies where two actors appeared together can really help locate a forgotten title. The content is constantly evolving and corrected by users so it becomes increasingly accurate as it grows.

The IMDb also features showtimes for current movies, entertainment industry news, games, and messageboards. A IMDbPro version, for pay, is aimed at movie professionals providing even more in depth information such as box office figures, release schedules, representation listings, company directory, and more.

The Roller Coaster DataBase


The Roller Coaster Data Base is an extensive, searchable database with information on coasters, manufactures, theme parks and more.



A WebMD you can search a comprehensive database for medical and prescription information. The site includes helpful articles, discussions of diseases and symptoms, and information that you can review before or after you see your doctor to be better informed about medical issues. Proper use and side effects of medications are also included, as well as in-depth articles about how each medication works.

Usenet Physics FAQ


The Usenet Physics FAQ page has answers to common and interesting questions about physics, such as "Why do mirrors reverse left and right, but not up and down?" "Does light have mass?" "What is dark matter?" and "What is Hawking Radiation?"



For graphic designers and desktop publishers, the Identifont website can help you identify a typeface from a small sample. The site presents a series of multiple choice questions, concerning font details such as shape of the serifs, shape of the lower case "a", tail of the "q", etc, and with each answer the list of potential matches from their extensive database is whittled down. Provision is made for samples not containing a complete alphabet, but the smaller the sample the more potential matches you will be left with at the end. The list of matches provides samples of each so you can check for the perfect match.

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