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 Movie, TV, and Multimedia Links!

mflogo.gif (2130 bytes) America's source for movie information, showtimes, previews, and even tickets.

If you're ready to go out and see a movie, you might want to check out the online companion to the popular moviefone service (777-FILM). The moviefone website, www.moviefone.com, (formerly "www.movielink.com") has info on all the latest films, including cast info, opening dates, trailers, and links to related sites for each film. But the highlight of this service is their up-to-date info on local theaters and showtimes.

After entering your zip-code or nearby city, you can do a search by movie title and find a list of local theaters showing that title. Or, you can choose a theater and have moviefone show a list of all the films playing there. Showtimes for the current day, or the following week, are shown for each film. Participating theaters will allow you to click on a showtime and order tickets. Bring your credit card to the theater, and get the tickets you ordered right out of the machine in the lobby, bypassing the lines at the ticket booth and the possibility of a sold out show. The site offers secure credit card transactions, but as with everything else on the web, use this service at your own risk. Since I'm in the habit of catching popular genre flicks on opening day, I've used this service quite often, and I haven't yet had a problem.

www.fandango.com Another site with showtimes and ticket sales. If Moviefone doesn't offer ticket sales for your favorite theater, there is a good chance that the Fandango website will!
The Internet Movie Database The best, most complete source of movie information anywhere can be found at www.imdb.com. This ever evolving list of movies in and out of print cross references everything by title, format, actor, staff, and year of release, leading to an experience you can truly loose yourself in. It is a great place to go to satisfy that nagging curiosity as to who starred in a particular move or what title was a certain film by a certain obscure director. Movie reviews are added by site visitors, and the information held within is constantly updated, corrected, and enhanced by any visitor with something to contribute. This makes this site a true model of the "Information Future" that the promise of the Web holds.
www.thedigitalbits.com For information on the latest DVD news, rumors, and releases. This very reliable site seems to have a respected "inside track" to what's going on in the home video industry. A lot of information is provided with regular, daily updates... and information is classified in terms of reliability (i.e. guaranteed information direct from true studio sources is separated from leaked rumors and items likely to be complete fiction), making this volume of information on this site fun and useful.

Click here to go to the B5 website!

If you're a Babylon 5 fan, you probably already know about the official Babylon 5 site at http://babylon5.warnerbros.com. B5's creator, J. Michael Straczynski, is a real netphile, and keeps fans well informed through Internet newsgroups. You'll also want to check out The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5, a site started and maintained by fans that often provides info in more depth than that found at the official site. Though not officially sanctioned by Warner Bros., JMS himself has been known to refer fans to the Lurker's Guide. In addition to full cast and producer bios, news, awards, and gossip, the Lurker's Guide contains a synopsis and a detailed description of all of the B5 episodes that have aired, all the way back to the pilot movie and first season shows. This makes it a great place to go if you're a newcomer to the show trying to "catch up" to the current storyline of this complex and subtle series, about to start its fifth and final season.

For Babylon 5 fans, the best sites for information on this great series can be found at the "official" Warner Brother site and the fan run "semi-official" site:


For information of current movies, upcoming releases, and home video news, sometimes it is best to go straight to the horses mouth. These studios maintain website full of hot news for entertainment junkies!

At www.sony.com, you'll find a starting point for information on Sony Pictures information and upcoming releases, info and showtimes for Sony, Loews, and Cineplex Odeon movie theaters around the country, and, of course, links to their consumer gaming systems, computers, electronics, audio and home theater components, the electronic robot dog, total world domination through consumerism, etc.

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