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 Rollercoaster Links!

Of course, reading about them is fun, looking at photos is more fun, but both are only appetizers to actually getting out there and riding them!

Find them at these official theme park websites. Most include operating schedules, directions to the park, ticket prices and other tips as well as photos and info as to what is there and what is on the horizon! Some sites will let you prepurchase tickets or season passes over the web, some even take hotel reservations electronically.

Other sites relevant to rollercoaster enthusiasts:

ACE: The American Coaster Enthusiasts


Members of ACE get an official newsletter and magazines of coaster news and events all over the world. Membership entitles entry to special ACE sponsored park events featuring food, prizes, and exclusive ride time (ERT) on select coasters before the park opens, and into the night after the park closes.

Network with fellow coaster fanatics from around the globe, stay on top of news, organize special trips, and see offers for rollercoaster related merchandise.

The Roller Coaster DataBase


The Roller Coaster Data Base is an extensive, searchable database with information on coasters, manufactures, theme parks and more.

NoLimits Rollercoaster Simulator


Excellent rollercoaster simulator software. Accurate physics, 13 different styles of track (including B&M inverted, traditional steel, traditional wood, hypercoaster, LIM launched, etc.) and CAD style development and ride simulation make this the most professional coaster simulator on the market. This is not a theme park simulator game, just coaster design and execution. You can design not only the track, but location of support posts, circuit blocks for multitrain running, ground terraforming to create layouts that follow natural terrain, and many other aspects of design. Many users make a "game" of the challenge or designing a unique yet smooth and exciting ride. Others work on "recreating" simulations of their favorite coasters as accurately as possible. As multitrain timing, brake runs, track and support post color and location are all variable, very believable recreations can be made. Design your own or download the work of others from the web. Ride them in a fantastic 3-D view with scenery, sound effects, choosing which seat to ride or alternately choose a stationary point from with to watch, or a "flyby" location to follow the train in sync. Sound effects atmospheric conditions (including accurate shadows and lens flare) complete the experience.



Described by the site's webmaster, Joe Schwartz, as "A photo gallery celebrating the joy and beauty of amusement park rides, especially roller coasters," this site features spectacular photos of coasters and rides around the world. For coasters you can't find on iDexter.com, try this site next!

Jeremy Reid's Personal Roller Coaster


Jeremy Reid built his own rollercoaster in his backyard. With a 20 foot first drop, a top speed of 20mph travelling over 444 feet of track, 4 drops, 50 degree banked turns, and a true electric chain lift, this personal coaster is quite an accomplishment. Specs, photos, construction details and some short videos are available at his website.

If you came here first, be sure to visit the Rollercoasters! section of this website for info and photos of Dexter's favorite coasters!

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