There are several good coasters to be found at Wildwood, NJ, most of which are part of the
Morey's Piers group of amusements. A pay-one-price passport will get you on rides at all three of the Morey's run piers, which includes all but a few of the smaller coasters. Included in the fare are 1996's Great White, a wild and fast woody built right over the beach; the Nor' Easter, a Vekoma build inverted coaster that is quite fast and fun, with a twisted ride that makes very efficient use of the available space and leaves you hanging about 15 feet off the ground; and the Sea Serpent, a forward-and-back looper duplicated at Hersheypark. Our last trip to Wildwood left us with an EXCRUCIATING wait for one ride on the Sea Serpent, even though the piers were not at all crowded. The rest of the day was much better spent on the Nor'Easter and the Great White: we rode each about ten times even though there's quite a long walk between these two great rides.

There are also quite a few Wild Mouse type coasters at Wildwood, within Morey's Piers and on some of the other boardwalks. One is a fairly new type of coaster, with cars that start to spin "Tilt-A-Whirl-like" halfway through the ride!

Here are a some pictures of two of the biggest attractions at Morey's Piers in Wildwood, New Jersey: the Nor' Easter and the Great White.

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