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Hersheypark has been a favorite theme park for quite a while, being the home of the Comet, the first real coaster I ever experienced. Though small, this is still a great coaster! The park now also holds the sooperdooperlooper (a pretty boring steel looper) and the Sidewinder, a fun forward-and-back looper identical to the Sea Serpent at the Jersey shore. My complaint with Sidewinder is that it is a real low-volume ride, since it can only run one train at a time, and this makes loading and unloading very inefficient. The ride is good and fast, but waiting on a hot day on a long line that barely moves makes it a questionable choice for a busy park, especially for a ride that is not unique.

In 1996, however, the park added the Wildcat, a modern, wooden twister with lots of speed, banked turns, and a great first drop. This makes the park well worth another trip! Another addition, in 1998, is the Great Bear. This relatively small inverted B&M coaster has gotten some great reviews, unfortunately I did not get to Hersheypark in 1998 to try it our. So many coasters, so little time.

And don't forget all that chocolate!

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How do they get the Amish into little Hershey's Kisses?

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