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Steel Force

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Steel Force Specs
Operating Since:
May 30, 1997
D.H. Morgan Manufacturing
Steel Hypercoaster
5600 ft
200 ft
Largest Drop:
205 ft
75 mph
3 trains
6 cars per train
6 riders per car
(3 rows of 2 seats)
Ride Duration:
Ride Capacity:
1700 riders per hour
In 1996, Dana Morgan, the son of one of Arrow Dynamic's founders, went on his own to form his own ride company, D.H. Morgan Manufacturing. The heritage of Morgan's steel coasters is apparent in their design and construction, yet their coasters stand on their own as some of the greatest thrill rides in the world.

In 1997, Morgan debuted Steel Force at Dorney Park. The 200 ft tall hypercoaster's first drop plummets a distance of 205 feet courtesy of an enclosed underground tunnel at the bottom, one of two 120 foot tunnels over the course of the ride. Following Magnum's lead, Two more tall, straight hills follow before the turnaround at the far end of the "out-and-back" layout, which spans virtually the entire length of the park. The turnaround is accomplished with a large 510 degree helix, which dips down near the end to create an impressive sense of speed and G-forces. Following the midcourse brake run, a series of bunny hops create some incredible airtime on the way back to the station. Unlike Magnum's "triangular" hops, Steel Force's return trip consists of rounded hills and a smoother ride. From the speed and height of the first drop, to the forcefulness of the helix, to the final tunnel and brake run, Steel Force wastes no time or track on anything less than synergistic elements of thrill.

The construction of Steel Force required over 2,000 tons of steel, 12,150,000 pounds of concrete for footings and 2,742 anchor bolts. The logo for Steel Force was originally designed for Cedar Point's Mantis coaster, which was originally to be named Banshee. After the name change, the artwork was "recycled" the following year to adorn the new coaster at Dorney Park.

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