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Power Tower

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Power Tower Specs
Operating Since:
S & S Sports Power, Inc.
Freefall Ride
300 ft
Largest Drop:
240 ft
Angle of Descent:
60 mph
4 towers
12 riders per tower
Ride Duration:
Ride Capacity:
1700 riders per hour
Power Tower represents a new class of "freefall" rides in which passengers are drawn to the top of a tall tower, and then dropped to fall toward the ground. Developed by S & S Sports Power, this innovative version of this type of ride debuted in 1998 as another record breaking addition to the park. In addition to opening as the tallest and fastest of this type of attraction, the design and engineering of Power Tower adds a few twists to the formula to create a unique ride.

Power Tower consists of 4 large 240 ft steel towers connected at the top by arching bridges. The four towers comprise four separately operating rides, but rather than being identical, there are actually two styles of ride available in the one attraction.

Two of the towers operate as a "blast off" ride rather than a freefall drop. Passengers are loaded into seats which surround each tower, each carrying 12 riders facing outward. Overhead harnesses secure the riders, who's legs are left dangling below the seats. The ride carriage rises a few inches off the ground in preparation of the launch. Without warning, a compressed air and cable system launches the carriage upward, reaching speeds over 50mph in under 3 seconds. At the top, the carriage slows, allowing riders a brief vista of an area of the park depending on which of the four sides of the tower they are sitting. The ride rather gently descends with a few large bounces before settling back on the ground.

The other two towers operate more like a conventional freefall ride. Riders are loaded in the same manner, and are then drawn to the top of the tower by the cable system. Riders are allowed to relax in anticipation for a few brief seconds and enjoy the view before their drop. However, instead of being released to drop freefall style at the rate that gravity provides, the carriages are actually blasted downwards toward the ground, again reaching speeds of over 50 mph in under 3 seconds. Talk about airtime.

Power Tower is located centrally in the midway near Corkscrew. The entrance to the ride splits into two queues where riders can decide which version of the thrill they want to experience. The central location also allows incredible views of each quadrant of the park, looking downward to the layouts of most of the coasters. Of course that view lasts only a few moments!

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