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Mean Streak

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Mean Streak Specs
Operating Since:
May 11, 1991
Curtis D. Summers (Designer)
Dinn Corporation (Builder)
5427 ft
161 ft
Largest Drop:
155 ft
Angle of Descent:
52 degrees
65 mph
3 trains
7 cars per train
4 riders per car
(2 rows of 2 seats)
Ride Duration:
Ride Capacity:
1600 riders per hour

Although Dexter's personal taste runs partial to the speed and smoothness of steel coasters, Mean Streak is one of the "crossover" rides that finds itself on the list of Dex's favorites nonetheless. A massive wooden structure built from 1.7 million board feet of Southern yellow pine, this coaster is as intimidating to look at as it is to ride. For guests staying at one of Cedar Point's on-grounds hotels, the first look at Mean Streak comes during the long drive around to the back of the park where hotel parking and check-in occurs. As the road curves around the large and dense structure, the heart can not help but to start to beat a little faster and a little harder.

Mean Streak is located in the Frontiertown section of the park, and its entrance is located past a string of old-style saloons and shops. The layout is a large, dense circle, open in the middle. The queue for the ride is located within the layout, with the ride's tall, hills and turns surrounding the soon-to-be riders. Dexter's first ride on Mean Streak took place at night, and the impression left of waiting in line, uncertain as to where the actual boarding station was located, with trains rumbling around and screeching through turns all around, was well etched in his memory. At one point he noticed that some of the trains seemed to be circling clockwise, while others circled counter-clockwise in the darkness. Dex's friends did not seem concerned. This cannot be good...

The boarding of trains actually takes place deep within the structure of the ride. As the queue enters through the wood beams, passengers take a few stairs up to a small "clearing" within the structure that accommodates the loading and unloading of trains. Once boarded, the trains depart and reach open air outside of the circular confines of the ride as they head toward the lift hill.

The lift hill itself actually passes through a part of the structure on its way up. At the top, a nonstop journey of speed, intense airtime and G-forces, and tightly banked turns and drops begins. The trains circle the oblong course a total of three times before completing their journey. After the first pass, the trains turn in a tight circle and proceed around again in the opposite direction (explaining the mystery of the clockwise/counterclockwise motion). For the third pass, the trains circle on a path within the dense structure itself. Any speed or thrill lost due to friction on the final moments of the ride are made up for by the sense of speed and claustrophobia of racing through the beams and posts of the structure itself. One is riding now in the belly of the beast.

A quick, short brake stop completes the ride. Mean Streak is a long, thrilling ride with plenty of synergy, and is truly one of the great coasters of the world.

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