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Magnum XL-200

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Magnum XL-200 Specs
Operating Since:
May 6, 1989
Arrow Dynamics, Inc.
Steel Hypercoaster
5106 ft
205 ft
Largest Drop:
195 ft
Angle of Descent:
60 degrees
72 mph
3 trains
6 cars per train
6 riders per car
(3 rows of 2 seats)
Ride Duration:
Ride Capacity:
2000 riders per hour
Magnum XL-200 was the first rollercoaster to break the 200 ft height limit, and defined a whole new style of coaster and the new coaster category of hypercoaster. Before Magnum, most steel coasters featured many inversions and twisted layouts, taking advantage of the technology of the steel tubular track design. Magnum broke tradition with an out-and-back layout style, open trains with no overhead harnesses (not needed since the coaster has no inversions) and a ride focusing on height, airtime, and speed.

Magnum's entrance is located near the back end entrance of the park. This makes it a perfect "first ride" and "last ride" for vacationers staying in one of the Cedar Point hotels, before the crowds of park guests make their way through the park from the main front gate. Over the park's back gate, Magnum trains coast slowly overhead as they circle back into the boarding station at the end of the ride. The sight of the first two hills is awe-inspiring. The speed and drop of those hills meets and surpasses expectation.

After the second drop, the circuit makes a banked left turn and the remainder of the course is laid out along the shoreline of Lake Erie, for spectacular views of boats on the water... If one is paying attention enough to notice! It has always been Dexter's belief that landscaping and setting pay an important roll in coaster enjoyment, along with the theming and the ride itself. After a dark tunnel, the train emerges into the turnaround element, a high, banked "pretzel" over the sand.

The trip back contains several more tunnels with lights and mist encompassing a series of high-airtime "bunny hops." These back hills on Magnum are quite distinctive, featuring a sort of "triangular" shape that thrusts the rider up, over (airtime!), and down through the back course. After hitting the brake run the cars turn into a large circle, high above ground, that leads the train back into the boarding station.

Magnum XL-200 remains a top choice on lists of America's favorite coasters.

Contrary to popular belief, Magnum is NOT sinking, nor is it being sold. These rumors probably began as an April Fool's joke in a local newspaper.

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