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Disaster Transport

Disaster Transport Specs
Operating Since:
May 5, 1990
Intamin AG "Swiss Bob"
Theming by ITEC Productions, Inc.
$7,400,000 (including renovation)
Steel Bobsled
Steel Enclosed
1932 ft
63 ft
5 cars
10 riders per car
(5 rows of 2 seats)
Ride Capacity:
1800 riders per hour
In 1985, Cedar Point added an outdoor "bobsled" style coaster named Avalanche Run. After 5 years of operation, the ride was rethemed, enclosed, and renamed Disaster Transport. With effects designed and created by ITEC Productions, Inc., the $4 million renovation incorporated a new futuristic theme that includes large screen video projectors, simulated lasers, and more than 150 props, including two lifelike robots.

The queuing area is located indoors and is lit with black light for effect. Fictional, futuristic travel posters adorn the walls and automated maintenance and baggage claim machinery function overhead. After the cars are boarded, they are carried up a lift hill enclosed in a tube that protrudes from the main structure of the building. Once released, the cars travel on a freewheeling course, riding through a steel trough rather than on rigid track. The ride and effects simulate an "out of control" travel trip toward the passengers' "destination." A dismounting station separate and unseen from the loading station completes the "trip" experience.

In addition to providing unique thrills, the air conditioned queue area also beckons park guests to ride Disaster Transport during particularly hot days.

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