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The Cedar Point Midway

A view from the west window of Hotel Breakers, overlooking the Cedar Point midway. At the left is the tall lift hill of Millennium Force on the west coast of the park. The two rounded hills along the background also belong to that ride. Seen below and in front of the lift hill is the screen for the nightly laser show. In the center of the photo is the top of the lift hill for Mantis. The lift hill is perpendicular to this view, the train is seen making the 180 degree turn toward the first drop. To the right is Power Tower. At the base of Power tower can be seen the vertical loop of Corkscrew, further two the left are the tops of the two corkscrew inversions ending right in front of Mantis. A Corkscrew train is seen traversing the elevated portion of track that follows the loop before dropping into the corkscrews. Miki can probably see Dexter's car from here, even though it is parked in the hotel lot directly below the hotel window.

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