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April 4,1992
to July 1998
Not Operating:
July 1999
to 2002
Arrow Dynamics, Inc.
Steel Looping
3550 ft
150 ft
Largest Drop:
145 ft
60 mph
5 (originally 6)
3 trains
7 cars per train
4 riders per car
(2 rows of 2 seats)
Drachenfire was a unique Arrow designed steel looper with pastel blue track and bright red low-slung trains. The ride featured a corkscrew-like inversion right off the top of the lift hill, providing riders their first inversion on the way down the first drop. Another element visually similar to the Cobra Roll on future B&M designs was modeled after the zero-G maneuver that a skater achieves at the top of a half pipe. The ride also featured several good hills and a tight helix.

In 1994 a "diving corkscrew" element immediately following the mid-course brake run was removed in an effort to smooth the rough ride. In 1998 the ride was shutdown; the park sited high maintenance costs and low ridership due to roughness. Originally planning to modify the coaster to attract riders, the park decided to sell the coaster instead. When no buyer was found, Drachenfire was dismantled for scrap in 2002.

While Dexter was not a particular fan of Drachenfire, he will misses that view of streamlined, vivid red trains traversing the bright blue track against the sky.

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