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Kumba Specs
Operating Since:
April 20, 1993
Bollinger & Mabillard
B&M Steel Seated
3978 ft
143 ft
Largest Drop:
135 ft
60 mph
3 trains
8 cars per train
4 riders per car
(4 across seating)
Ride Capacity:
1700 riders per hour
Kumba is a B&M style seated coaster, with typical B&M elements including a vertical loop, Immelman roll, zero-G camelback, and cobra roll, set into valleys and hills in the landscape.

After the midcourse brake, trains travel through a double, interlocking corkscrew. The train then travels past the station, dives under the station, and completes a high speed banked helix with plenty of G-forces before braking into the station.

Part of the fun of Kumba is waiting in the station as the returning trains pop up and past at high speed with the trains banked nearly perpendicular to the ground.

Kumba is set across a small body of water and riders cross the water over a small footbridge to reach the station. The cobra roll is situated directly above this bridge for good views of the train speeding over the camelback and through the inversions overhead.

A final unique feature of the ride is the forces through the camelback, most noticeable when riding in the end seats. Rather than the smooth zero-G sailing that most B&M camelback riders experience, the camelback on Kumba seems to end more abruptly, "snapping" the trains back to vertical at the end of the element. This adds a bit of unexpected fun and thrill to the ride.

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