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Theme Parks and Coaster Info

In This Section - Park and Coaster Info and Photos:


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iDexter Rollercoaster Site Updates and Info

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What's New?

April 2, 2004

The iDexter Rollercoaster Section is currently being updated to the new iDexter "look and feel." While in this process, some pages may still appear in the old style, some in the new, while the conversion is taking place. You will still have access to all of Dexter's photos and info while the conversion is in progress. When complete, look for new photos, new functionality, and larger versions of the original photos throughout the section!

As of April 2, 2004, the following rollercoaster sections have been updated:

Coming soon: HershyPark section will include photos!

Note: As sections are updated, pages may require a browser "refresh" in order to display the most current versions and photos.

New and remastered photos can be found in all updated sections, as well as new spec pages for all coasters.

What's Here?

Throughout this section you will find info on a variety of Dexter's favorite theme parks and rollercoasters. Highlighted by the award-winning photographs taken by Dexter himself during his coastering adventures, each section includes descriptions of coasters and the parks in which they are found. Links to each park's official website are also available in each section. It is our hope that these photos will move you toward discovering the excitement of these thrill machines on your own, help you relive your own experiences riding one of these great structures, or whet your appetite towards the coaster or coasters of your favorite style that you have yet to ride.

Official rollercoaster fan clubs such as the American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) also offer their own websites. These clubs can be a great source of news and information relating to this favorite pastime, and can put you in touch with others who share your passion for these rides of thrill, as well as being a ticket into park "special events" that are available exclusively to club members. The ACE website at has information on upcoming ACE and park sponsored events, information on joining, and many links to coaster related information that can be found on the web.

Get started by using the links left to visit some of the parks at which Dexter has had some of his best experiences in coastering. Visit them all and use them as jumping points to the official park websites where you can get started planning a coaster adventure of your own!

More Links

For more rollercoaster related links, visit the iDexter Rollercoaster Links section!

All coaster specs and descriptions are gathered from park info, manufacturers specs, ACE and other coaster literature, and the Roller Coaster DataBase project at

All photos unless otherwise noted were taken by Dexter. Park logos and other graphics are from the parks' official websites.

All pages, images and info © Copyright 1997 - 2009 David W Creighton.
All rights reserved.